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This module must be completed by January 4th, 2021.
Jan 2021: deadline extended to end of Term 2.

It will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

We will

  • Review the 4 Ethical Standards and the 5 Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession
  • Review the college’s misconduct regulation
  • Learn how to complete the registration process

At the end of the session, I can

  • Give some examples of professional misconduct
  • Access the Ontario College of Teacher’s website to find Resources for Members, most notably the Advisories that are written to help members understand parameters and standards of professional conduct
  • Access the Ontario College of Teacher’s website in order to complete and submit my registration application to become a member of the OCT


Course Curriculum

The Ontario College of Teachers: Asynchronous Presentation Details 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Helpful


    This webinar was helpful in further understanding the registration process.
    The only issue I had is the continued cloud of uncertainty regarding the EQAO math test we need to complete in order to be certified.

  2. OCT Registration


    This video clearly identifies the OCT’s registration process while also discussing misconduct regulation. Would recommend to all Teacher Candidates.

  3. Good Review of OCT Requirements


    Helpful review of main OCT 4 Ethical Standards and 5 Teaching Standards that all OCT certified teachers are expected to uphold.

  4. OCT: The Registration Process and Misconduct Regulation


    This was very informative and helped me further understand the expectations of teachers. Thank you!

  5. Factual and Helpful


    I found this course to be very helpful. Prior to this course I was certainly not aware of all the college does for teachers and I was provided a lot of background. The course was very educational!

  6. Lots of information


    There is a lot of information in this T2P session, I think that it is a good resource for new teachers on how to apply to the OCT.

  7. Informative module


    Module was very informative and easy to follow.

  8. Excellent Resource


    I found this to be very informative and useful. I wrote many notes that I will refer to in the future.

  9. OCT Registration and Misconduct Course


    The Registration Process and Misconduct Regulation course provided by the OCT has been very useful. It emphasized our roles as teachers not only in the classroom but as active members of society. It also really helped to clarify questions I had about the registration process.

  10. OCT Process and Regulation


    This presentation was helpful and informative. The steps and requirements for applying to become a member of the OCT was helpful, and put into perspective when to get resources mailed and sent.

  11. good stuff


    that was a helpful webinar. I would likely have missed some things had I not watched that video. thank you!

  12. Helpful


    The College provided new resources that I did not know of before this class.

    Notes to improve on is to either list examples of misconducts that were talked about, or provide some reference sheet/link to the section relevant on the OCT website.

  13. Helpful


    This course was helpful in understanding more about misconduct and how we can maintain the ethical standards we need to follow as teachers.

  14. 5

    Very informative in helping to understand the college as a regulatory body and the OCT registration process.

  15. OCT Registration Process


    Thanks for the overview of the registration process!

  16. Very Informative!


    I really enjoyed this information session. I now feel very prepared in my next steps to registering as a teacher, and being aware of my role and responsibilities as a professional.

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