[Required] Conference Week

In February, all Year 1 teacher candidates have one week of class replaced with one week of Professional Development. This […]


Democratic Citizenship in the Classroom

Will you be teaching elections and democracy in a blended, online or traditional classroom? Elections Canada will show you how […]


Provincial Report Cards

Orientation to the provincial report card templates; considerations for determining a mark or grade and how to write effective comments. […]


Supporting and Affirming LGBT2Q+ students

Learn about and practice affirmative teaching and learning strategies for LGBT2Q+ students of all ages. This interactive and discussion-based workshop […]


Why Muslims seem so strange?

The largest growing religion in the world is Islam. Almost 25% of the world are Muslims, that is 1 in […]


Indigenous Education

This session will help teacher candidates understand indigenous education programs and how to support their indigenous students better. Shelley Duquette-Lafortune […]


Photogrammetry in the Classroom

This session will highlight Photogrammetry, or the process of creating 3D models from a series of images. This technique is […]


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