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[Required] Conference Week

In February, all Year 1 teacher candidates have one week of class replaced with one week of Professional Development. This […]


Active Citizenship for Youngsters

This session will help candidates understand how to encourage youth to be meaningfully engaged in all aspects of the democratic […]


Remote Sensing in the Classroom

The main objective of this session is to learn how remote sensing techniques are used to study surfaces of planetary […]


Space Education in the Classroom

The speaker in this session will discuss variety of tools and resources available for you to teach space in your […]


Bias Free Progressive Discipline

This session will look at how you can build and sustain a positive school climate by using a whole school […]


Teaching through Debate and Discussion

This session will help candidates learn how to teach through debate and discussion. Communication skills are a cornerstone of effective […]


Environmental Education for Students

This session will assist teachers to help students to discover a passion for the environment. Candidate will also understand how […]


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