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    On September9 and 2021, the Government issued Resolution 105/NQ-CP on supporting businesses, cooperatives and business households in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic – solutions to support businesses because of covid.

    The solution sets out four sets of jobs to support businesses the following:

    1. Produce circumstances for businesses to develop and recover

    According to simplified procedures in September 2021, Implement effective and drastic measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic while creating favorable conditions for enterprises to maintain, recover and develop production and business through amending and reviewing regulations. on health insurance in the direction of allowing health insurance to pay for medical examination and treatment costs from a distance with a fee.


    – Government Entities designated the Ministry of Overall health to assume the best accountability for, and coordinate with branches, ministries, localities, units and agencies in continuous to rationally and effectively allot resources of COVID-19 vaccines.

    – The Government required the Ministry of Communications and Information to advertise the link in the foundation to support remote control healthcare treatment and examination to 100% of your district and commune amounts; promulgating a digital manual to steer the response to COVID-19;

    – Encourage study, technological innovation exchange, manufacture of vaccines and drugs to help remedy COVID-19 in Vietnam.

    2. Making sure stable efficient, smooth, production and safe blood circulation of goods, overcoming source sequence disruptions.


    – Instructing localities to uniformly implement the “green station” for waterway and road move nationwide, inter-provincially and inter-regionally to transport products securely.

    – The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant localities, ministries and agencies in building up marketplace managing, ensuring the total amount of important supplies and merchandise.

    Appropriate deploy answers to eliminate generation interruptions, ensure offer and ingestion, specifically food items, food and crucial consumer products when applying societal distancing actions association in illness control and prevention.

    – Let businesses to publish scanned duplicates certified by electronic signatures with papers that must definitely be posted as originals by means of papers / notarized / certified accurate clones to solve bottlenecks when customs clearance of products …

    3. Support to reduce fees, remove financial hardships and cash flow for cooperatives, enterprises and business households

    – Promulgating a policy to reduce the transaction or support from your harmony in the short-word sociable insurance fund, being carried out Sept . 2021.

    – Offer to waive charges for later repayment of interpersonal insurance developing in 2021 and 2020, to be carried out Sept 2021.

    – Support to minimize energy bills, decrease electrical power price ranges (stage 5) for customers making use of electricity in line with an order, procedures and authorized restrictions; stringently ensure, the best topics, to never be exploited for insurance policies.

    – Put into practice plans to relax and reduce fees, land, taxes and charges rents right after simply being promulgated by competent authorities; preferential income tax insurance policy for brought in items to financing epidemic control and prevention after being approved by the Govt…

    4.Generate ideal situations for workers and experts

    – In Sept 2021, release the situations for giving, extending and certifying work enables for foreign people employed in Vietnam but should guarantee basic safety in order to avoid and manage the pandemic.

    – Let businesses to negotiate with staff to boost in the long run several hours/month in line with the Covid-19 epidemic…

    The Government cell phone calls on the business business, community and cooperatives families to promote patriotism, self-reliance and self-reliance to conquer troubles, encourage production, business, eco friendly growth, solidarity and popular become a member of hands to fight the increasing incidence, leading to the effective implementation in the set up goals and activities of socio-financial growth.

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