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    We will not know if something works until we’ve tried it. We then track what we now tried more and more wiser with respect to the consequences the actions will bring about. However, without even starting to measure for results, what can be found there for us to find? In the end, we will not know how things will are unless we take the actual to test the water.

    It the labor of affection. It was hard work, and even though be rewarded for his labor. But that had not been why he did it. He didn’t preach so which he would obtain personal reimburse. He preached because he was compelled to preach. He was obligated to preach, called to preach. He could do no. It was his duty to invest his Master’s talent, his Master’s possessions, to increase his Master’s holdings. Though he might possibly be rewarded for his efforts, he had been not motivated by his own reward, but by the obligation of his stewardship of the gospel. He put aside his former concerns and took the concerns of his Master to be his distinctive. He put aside his own priorities and took up God’s priorities.